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Yosemite A Personal Discovery

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 Yosemite A Personal Discovery By Ardeth Huntington

Yosemite- the word evokes a kaleidoscopic mixture of memories: sleeping on moonlit granite the night before visiting the Mount Conness glacier, the fascination of exfoliating granite domes, meadows flowering exquisitely between the Merced Lake and Vogelsang High Sierra Camps, the aroma of pine needles on a hot summer day. To some Yosemite is a playground, to others a revered paradise. It inspires passion- and invites controversy. In trying to capture its essence, writers have glorified it with grandiloquence; praising its majestic grandeur, infinite lavishness, splendored magnificence; describing it as awesome, divine, stunning, and sublime. 

64 Pages

10" x 13"

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