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Ancient Sentinels

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 Ancient Sentinels - The Sequoias Of Yosemite National Park

Giant sequoias are some of the few things on earth that can literally be described as "awesome." For many, spending time among the largest living things on the planet is a highlight of their lives. The knowledge packed into this slim book will unlock the secrets of these trees and make any visit to Yosemite's three groves even more rewarding. Ancient Sentinels provides bountiful information in a compact format, including:

• maps of the Mariposa Grove, Merced Grove, and Tuolumne Grove;

• what to do and see in the groves;

• description, size, and age of the giant sequoia;

• ecology and life history of the giant sequoia;

• other places in the park where sequoias can be found;

• a comparison with the sequoia's closest relatives, the coast and dawn redwoods;

• and the history and future of this amazing species.

48 pages

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