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Big Walls, Swift Waters Book

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Big Walls, Swift Waters Book

Big Walls, Swift Waters Book

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The men and women of Yosemite Search and Rescue work around the clock, ready to respond at any hour in any weather. It’s not all helicopter heroics and plucking unlucky rock jocks off The Nose of El Capitan. It also means helping the teen with the busted ankle on the Mist Trail, finding the missing child in Tuolumne Meadows, and rescuing the newlywed clinging to a slick rock after her raft implodes.

Most of Yosemite’s nearly 4 million annual visitors leave the park without a scratch. For a few, however, a vacation in this world-famous land of cliffs and waterfalls takes a turn for the terrifying. That’s where the YOSAR team comes in.

Author and legendary YOSAR team member Butch Farabee relates epic tales of endurance and survival, misadventure and fatal consequences.

Also included are:
The origins of Search and Rescue in the national parks,  including the U.S. Army’s key role.
Advice for staying safe in the park.
Profiles of SAR pros who do this dangerous work every day.
Stories about YODOGS and animal rescues.
Innovative techniques developed in Yosemite and now used around the world.
Photos and descriptions of top-tier gear used by this world-class team of medics, climbers, and swift-water experts.
Stats that any adventure geek will love, and, of course, plenty of helicopters!

A must-read for thrill-seekers, armchair travelers, national park novices, and expert explorers alike. Get the inside story on the elite YOSAR team, and get inspired (and informed) for adventure anywhere!