Calendar 2025 Yosemite Robel

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Calendar 2025 Yosemite Robel

Calendar 2025 Yosemite Robel

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The Yosemite 2025 wall calendar showcases Yosemite’s granite big walls, peaks, waterfalls and high alpine lakes in all seasons. The featured artistic photographs were taken by Robel Fessehatzion between 2011 and 2023 using either analog or digital cameras. 

His visual style gives the Yosemite landscape a dreamy feeling by highlighting the harmony between existing elements while thoughtfully incorporating natural light and color within the frame. 

Product Details

  • Dimension: 11 x 14 inches (closed) and 22 x 14 inches (open)
  • Wire coil binding for flat hanging
  • Lithography printing for excellent color reproduction on high quality paper

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